China Paper Newsletters ( Monthly ) Introduce
China Paper Newsletters is published jointly by China Paper Association( CPA ),
China Technical Association of Paper industry ( CTAPI ) and China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute ( CNPPRI ).
China Paper Newsletters is the reliable source of latest news from Chinese paper industry. In order to meet the needs of oversea readers to well understand the development of Chinese paper industry, a new column of < review of main events of Chinese paper industry > in English is appeared in August of every year.
The contents include:
• Related policy
• In-depth analysis focus on the issues concerned
• Enterprise profile
• Management & Marketing
• Latest development of China Pulp & Paper Industry
• The major mill projects in China, news on mergence, acquisition and management
• News about the listing paper companies
• Recent price and price trend for recovered paper, market pulp, paper and paperboard
• New products/technologies
• Environment protection
• Worldwide news on pulp & paper industry
• News for industry events